Let's Octothorpe

Welcome to the demonstration site for the Octothorpes protocol. Here you can see standard octothorpes as well as backlinks in action.

This site also contains some utilities to make writing Octothorpes easier. This is a pattern that we plan to preserve as the project matures. While we plan to provide some dev tools that will contain basic parsers, the basic implementation of octothorpes will always be based in standard markup. Platforms can roll their own tools if they want to provide shorthand methods.

Here’s how this site does it


Octothorping is easy. All you have to do is type


and it’ll get parsed into an octothorpe.

Here are some active octothorpes.




Backlinks are a central part of the Octothorpes protocol.

Pages on this site have titles, urls, and aliases. You can use any of those to make a backlink to them. There are labeling options too

Check out the backlinks page for more.

Or check out some bunzz


page with spaces